Butterfly Under Clouds.

近藤真生 - masataka kondo

A video, a picture and the sculpture which featured the theme of single-winged butterflies.
They function as a language to describe this world and let one world rise. And butterflies are radiant with the beauty found in imperfection as well as the toughness found in weakness.

This time when we knew that Tower of Babel which we were supposed to built was a fantasy. We experienced even the loss which we only stand in a stupor in. But it does not mean that people are powerless. An imperfection is not lack of the integrity, and itself is originality with the creative power and no amount of the barbarian power will deprive it.

The toughness that a weak thing has.

It exists in any time, any place and continues filling this world.

近藤真生 - masataka kondo
映像作家 / 音楽家 / 現代美術家
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